Lead Service Line (LSL) Replacement Program

The Sheboygan Water Utility, as authorized by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, has developed a program to aid customers in the replacement of their lead or galvanized water service lines. The new program offers partial grants and no interest loans 


Customers who replace their lead or galvanized service line can apply for a grant of 50% of total costs up to $6,000. The grants are available to all customer classes.  

No Interest Loans Options 

Customers who replace their lead or galvanized service line can apply for a no interest loan to cover the costs not covered by grant. The loan may be paid over 36- or 72-months. The loans are available to all customer classes. Loans must be paid in full at the time the property changes ownership.  

Lead Service Line Replacement Requirement 

City ordinance 26-1006 requires the replacement of all lead and galvanized service lines. Lead and galvanized service lines cannot be repaired or modified and must be replaced in their entirety. Disrupted lead or galvanized service lines must be taken out of service and replaced. Service lines with water test results above the EPA action limit of 15 ppb for lead in drinking water must also be taken out of service and replaced. 

For more information on the program, or to inquire if your lead service line replacement qualifies for the program, contact us.