Information for Commercial & Industrial Properties

In order to effectively comply with DNR Regulation NR810.15, the Sheboygan Water Utility has contracted with HydroCorp to assist in managing the commercial and industrial program.

HydroCorp is an environmental services firm that specializes in backflow prevention education and cross connection control programs and inspections. HydroCorp does not sell plumbing devices, installations or perform backflow preventer testing. Each HydroCorp inspector carries an easy to see Photo Identification Tag Issued by Wisconsin Rural Water Association. Furthermore, each inspector has been employed full time at HydroCorp for a minimum of 1- 6 years. HydroCorp will only perform the initial inspections of commercial and industrial buildings throughout the community to detect actual & potential cross connections and make recommendations for the installation of backflow prevention devices or assemblies where necessary. This will help ensure that contaminated or polluted water cannot backflow into clean drinking water.

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