Residential Meter Setting Specifications

The following specifications provide consistent standards for water meter settings in the City of Sheboygan. Based on information obtained from American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards, Badger Meter Inc., and Master Meter Inc., these specifications help to ensure the meter’s accuracy and the safety of workers who must maintain meters.

Residential Water Meters

• Horns: Meter horns are required on all residential installations, including single and multiple dwelling units. Horns must not have built-in backflow prevention. Meter horns are not required on existing installations unless the entire meter setting must be rebuilt. Meter horns have a 7 1/2" inch laying length.

 Valves: All meter settings must have two valves (inlet and outlet). Existing installations with only a functional inlet valve are acceptable. If an existing setting has two valves in need of replacement, then the setting will need to be rebuilt, including the addition of a horn. Outlet valves shall not be installed closer than 12” from the meter horn flanges. Multiple dwelling and commercial settings must have a lockable in-valve, minimum ¾”, plumbed directly to the horn. Valves with removable handles are not acceptable.

 Support: All meter horns shall be full pipe clamped to the wall or floor within 6” inches of the inlet and outlet of the horn. All support hardware must be compatible material to reduce the potential for galvanic action with the piping. Support hardware cannot distort, cut, or abrade the piping and must be sufficiently rigid to support the piping and its contents. Radiator clamps and pipe rests are not acceptable means of support.

 Clearance: All meter settings shall maintain 18” of unobstructed space from the floor to center pipe of the meter. The center pipe of the meter shall be no higher than 48” from the floor. A minimum of 12” of unobstructed space must be maintained above the meter lens.

If multiple meters are stacked, 24” of unobstructed space shall be maintained between the bottom meter, center of pipe and the top meter, center of pipe. If multiple meters are parallel or in a row, 6” of space must be maintained between each meter horn. 36” of unobstructed space must be maintained in front of the meter setting.

All water meters must be installed by Water Utility staff. Contact the Utility meter shop at (920) 459-3814 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule the installation.