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Update on Water Quality Incident - Union Ave Apartments


The Water Utility was involved in investigating a water quality complaint late last night at the apartment complexes at Union and Bollman Drive. Sampling indicated low levels of a hydrocarbon in the water at certain apartment locations only. Utility staff immediately began flushing to remove the material. After hours of flushing, sampling indicated zero levels. Readings were also possibly affected by two natural gas leaks that were identified during this effort. The source of the contaminant is probably related to recent winterizing activities of the sprinkling and other systems.

For residents of this apartment complex, the Water Utility recommends running your water for 15 minutes if you have not already done so. Utility staff will be onsite in the morning to do additional flushing as a further precaution.

This is an isolated internal incident affecting only the apartments on Union Ave. The distribution system is not affected, and water is safe to drink.

If you have further concerns, please contact the Water Utility at 459-3800 option 2.