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Utility Admin Building Solar Project to Start


When one takes a journey along the lakeshore of the City of Sheboygan, one cannot help but pass the administration building of the Water Utility. Commencing this week, the Sheboygan Water Utility’s construction project of implementing photo voltaic solar power to its administration building’s roof will begin and likely end in July. Arch Electric out of Plymouth will install the solar panels, tie them in to the electrical system for the Water Utility’s administration building, and add an electric car charging station in the Water Utility’s garage to be a part of that newly installed system.

In a short time, not only will this installation decrease energy costs, this project serves as an example of the Water Utility’s commitment to the greater Sheboygan area by working with a contractor based in the area. Making use of the empty and spacious roof into cost savings the Water Utility will realize benefits and savings for years to come. Furthermore, this project serves as a starting point for future projects, such as the implementation of electric vehicles to the Water Utility’s Fleet and further installation of more solar panels on the treatment plant for cost saving in its operations. After this project is completed, the Sheboygan Water Utility’s solar panels will be as woven into the landmarks incorporated on the lakeshore of Sheboygan as the Vollrath Bowl and Municipal Beaches.

Thomas Treacy 

Utility Engineer